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Here at International Dance, LLC. we desire to develop each student's love for dance, a strong technical foundation, the ability to perform as well as an artistic education. This policy is for your information and benefit. We request that you please read it thoroughly to avoid any possible misunderstandings in the future. Please retain it for your reference.


Enrollment is for a continuous period each year from September through June (10 months).

We encourage students to finish the year so as to complete the planned curriculum.

In order to keep up with the level of the class, each student must maintain good attendance and be on time for the beginning of the class. This helps the student warm up properly and prevent injury.


Placement is at the discretion of the Directors and Instructors of International Dance, LLC. All students are carefully placed in levels to insure maximum progress. Although students are placed according to age for beginning levels, students with some training will be placed into respective classes depending on ability, strength and previous development based on the judgment of the directors and instructors.

Advancement, however, depends upon application, attitude, artistic abilities, dance accomplishment and physical qualifications, not necessarily upon age, or length of time spent studying dance.


Pointe (toe): Typically requires four or five years of preparatory study and is not permitted until a student is at least eleven, twelve or thirteen years old and has both good body placement and control. Exceptions to this and other pointe rules are determined by an assessment on an individual basis by the director.

A minimum of two ballet classes a week is required to take pointe class because dancing on pointe shoes demands extra strength and technique. The dancers strength and focus contribute to ongoing progress on pointe.


Tuition is to be paid IN ADVANCE whether paid in 1 complete annual payment or 10 payments covering September through June - according to the payment schedule. See Tuition for details.

A withdrawal can only become effective when the studio is notified in writing 30 days in advance of a new four week period according to the payment schedule.

If tuition is not current the student will not be allowed to continue classes. 

  • There is a $55 per student non-refundable registration fee for each year.

  • There is a $20 cleaning fee per student.

  • There is a $75 Media Technology fee per Family.

  • A late fee of $25 will be assessed if payment is not made by the second week of the payment period.

  • There will be a $35 charge for all returned checks. 



Arrive 10 minutes before class begins (this ensures all dancers have adequate warm-up time to avoid injury).

If a dancer arrives late please enter class but try not to disrupt the other dents.

We strongly encourage parents to be on time for both dropping off and picking up your students.


There is no refund or credit for missed classes for any reason, including injury or illness.

Missed classes may be made up in a class of comparable placement, i.e. the student’s current class level or lower. STUDENTS MAY NOT MAKE UP MISSED CLASSES IN LEVELS HIGHER THAN THEIR CURRENT YEAR PLACEMENT. All make-up classes must be made within four weeks of the missed class.

Make-up classes are in addition to the student’s regular classes. Classes can be made up anytime within the current season with approval from the director but cannot be accumulated to the end of the season in place of the last four-week payment.

A class for which a student has enrolled cannot be dropped and then used for a make-up class.

No person may make-up a class if they have not paid for their current four-week period in which the make-up class is to be taken.

No classes may be carried over from the fall-winter course to the summer course or from the summer course to the fall-winter course.

Tuition is non-transferable and non-refundable.


Please give the instructors full attention at all times without talking to the other students.


During class, teachers and students may, but are not required to, wear masks during their class. Appropriate social distancing and hand washing will be maintained at all times.

Please remind your dancer(s) to maintain a reasonable distance in effort to help others stay comfortable.


Class time is not to be used for socializing.

Personal corrections are given for improvement, please look upon them as extra help.

No gum chewing, sitting down or hanging on barres will be allowed.

Other than water, absolutely no food or drinks are permitted in the studio at any time. 


All performances will follow state and federal COVID-19 guidelines for large gatherings.

International Dance, LLC. students participate in the Spring Recital with the exception being Miss Elizabeth will assess the youngest students and decide if they are ready to perform.

In order to participate in the Spring Recital, each dancer must have paid the in full all tuition prior to performing and have paid any performance fees and costume fees required by International Dance, LLC.

Other optional performances include international festivals, art events, nursing home performances and our Christmas Show.


The Christina Heimlich Dancers are an elite group of dancers chosen by International Dance, LLC. directors and instructors. 

Christina Heimlich Dancers represent the best of what International Dance, LLC. has to offer. 

Christina Heimlich Dancers are ambassadors to the community sharing happiness through dancing and bring the joy of dance to others. 

Christina Heimlich Dancers have additional performances and responsibilities throughout the year. 


We require class uniforms. Black leotard, pink footed or convertible tights. Students may choose a skin tone tights if desired. Pink Ballet shoes, Black tap shoes, Tan jazz shoes for Lyrical classes.


Pink ballet shoes must have one or two elastic straps sewn on and strings tied and cut off.


We do have an online store that is specifically for us. You can find your child's suggested uniform at the following link.

We have sizing kits for leotards and ballet and Jazz shoes available at the Pinecrest studio for your convenience.

Having the uniform makes being ready for class easier for students and parents alike. We would like to have all dancers in uniform at the start of the season. Thank you for your cooperation.

Do not wear your dance shoes outside of the studio.

Tights must cover the entire foot while dancing.

Female students should secure their hair in a neat bun. If you have short hair, please use bobby pins to neatly secure it away from your face.

No jewelry (except small post earrings) should be worn in class (please leave jewelry at home as International Dance, LLC. is not responsible for items lost).

Please make sure your dancer’s clothes are clean and free from holes and stains (including tights, shoes and leotards).



Currently we are asking all non-dancing family members to refrain from waiting in the front lobby area at the studio. The outside area at the Pinecrest studio has been upgraded and has a new facelift. A perfect place to wait before picking up your dancer.

We request that all students refrain from excessive noise and rowdiness in the hallways and dressing rooms while waiting before and after classes.

Parents are asked to keep non-dancing children with them at all times and not permit them to wander the premises unattended. Please keep feet and hands off the walls, feet off the furniture, be careful to not spill on the floors, and put trash in the trash cans.

Treat it like it is your home and we will all be happier. 

~ COVID-19 ~

International Dance, LLC. makes every effort to keep our studio sanitized and to prevent symptomatic employees and dancers from entering the building. However, COVID-19 has been proven to be asymptomatic in some persons. Therefore, International Dance, LLC. cannot guarantee that you or your child(ren) will not become infected with COVID-19 or any other known or unknown virus or illness. Further, attending International Dance, LLC. may increase your risk and your child(ren)’s risk of contracting COVID-19.

When registering your student you are acknowledging and aware of how the contagious nature of COVID-19 may affect your dancer and you voluntarily assume the risk that my child(ren) and I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by attending International Dance, LLC. and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and or death. By signing this agreement, I agree that my child and any accompanying persons will not enter International Dance, LLC. if we exhibit any of the following new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19:

  • A temperature greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit,

  • cough,

  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,

  • other respiratory symptoms,


Or at least two of the following symptoms:

  • chills,

  • repeated shaking with chills,

  • muscle pain,

  • sore throat or new loss of taste or smell.

I also agree that, neither my child(ren) nor any accompanying adult will enter International Dance, LLC. if we have had known close contact with a person who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19.

Protocols are in place if staff/faculty/student becomes ill including contact tracing to the best of our ability.

Protocols are subject to change as CDC guidelines and recommendations dictate.  Thank you for being part of our International Dance, LLC. family, and for your help as we navigate this new environment together for everyone’s health and wellness.


International Dance, LLC. will not be responsible for personal property left or lost in any area of the school.

Bring your purse/dance bag into the studio and place it in the changing room. 

Please put names in all dance-wear and shoes.

Call the office as soon as you realize something has been left at the school so that we may retrieve it and hold it for you or check our lost and found in the dressing room next time you’re in the studio.


International Dance strives to provide a safe and supportive community that fosters a lifelong love for dance and creative expression. As such, International Dance expects each and every student, dancer, assistant, teacher, instructor, staff member and or parent/guardian to respect and be kind to each other at all times. International Dance does not tolerate bullying in any form; physical, emotional, social or otherwise.

International Dance defines bullying as any behavior; physical, verbal, written (electronically or in person), that purposely and detrimentally targets another student, dancer, assistant, teacher, instructor, staff member and or parent/guardian.

Reports of bullying will be investigated, verified, and documented by International Dance staff members. This investigation may include but is not limited to contacting the alleged bullying party, the alleged victim, teachers, assistants, and parent/guardians who may have possibly witnessed the event(s). If staff investigation produces corroborating evidence of the report, it will be documented and serve as the basis for a course of action. International Dance director, Elizabeth Hawkins, also reviews any and all reports of bullying.

Verified and documented reports may have severe consequences up to and including immediate termination of enrollment without refund for classes missed.

As per the policy above, International Dance recognizes that bullying does not just occur between students. Parents or guardians who are witnessed as bullying or harassing another student, dancer, assistant, teacher, instructor, staff member and or parent/guardian, are equally subject to the above policies and consequences.


Specific dates for the International Dance, LLC. holidays are shown on the Schedule page.

Classes may be made up for holiday closures on 

  • Columbus Day

  • President's Day

For the two weeks we are closed for the December holidays and the two-weeks of Spring Break that we are closed, there is no charge and no make-up classes are necessary.


Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, International Dance, LLC. follows Fairfax County Public Schools for closings. Should schools have delayed openings due to inclement weather, International Dance, LLC. will, in most cases, be open on time. A message will be published on the website home page and emailed to registered students/parents, when the studio is closed because of weather conditions. Classes missed due to inclement weather may be made up during the normal school year. 



A newsletter is published and emailed to registered students every month with reminders of holiday closures, payment due dates, rehearsals and other important announcements or pertinent information.


Please "like" and "follow" us on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter to get the latest news and events. 



Dance is a physical activity, and as with all such activity there is an inherent risk of injury. International Dance, LLC. does not assume any liability for injury or accident which occurs while participating in classes or performances. As when beginning any new physical activity if you have questions about your ability to participate, please contact your personal physician.

COVID-19 Agreement
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